Friday, December 18, 2009

My Family Vacation

This week I went to San Diego with my family as part of our family vacation for the holidays. Our very first day in San Diego was full of surprises when my mother and sister were all excited to go visit a real haunted house (it's been my sister's dream to see a ghost). I, however, do not do well when I'm scared and dislike haunted houses to my very core. Here are some pictures from that house. It's a historic landmark of San Diego called the Whaley House. Not sure if there were ghosts when we were there but we never know. The Whaley House was built in the 1800's and has served for many different purposes in San Diego. Here is a link to my video about our trip with a lot of pictures of the house. The pictures are a little too big for the blog so it's better if you view it through the link than if it was on the blog. I hope you all enjoy it. Even working on this gave me the willys.

The Whaley Haunting


  1. Nice set of pictures and commentary on an attraction I might never have known about. Thanks.

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